Backyard zip line

The way to promote ecotourism and nature itself is in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Costa Rica. We are Chiclet Zipline and we promote a series of adventure activities like Zip lining in an environment full of nature and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. All this has been the perfect combination to attract tourists both young and old. This is definitely recommended this to anyone looking for a thrilling treetop adventure.


Our guides are able to point out features, wildlife, trees & vegetation & keep your party properly engaged in the 14 zip line cascade down the mountainside.


Costa Rica Zip line is one of the extreme and adventure activities best known in the country for youngsters, adults, and families who enjoy the outdoor activities. That is why the construction of a zip line with high-security standards is an interesting project to your backyard, farm or private reserve.


Zip lining consists of moving above the treetops or inside a forest by means of a steel cable, secured by a safety harness, carabiners, and static cords. You necessarily count on two or more platforms.


To build a backyard zip line you must take into account many security measures, from the platforms that will be built, taking care not to damage the environment, to the tension that will support the steel cables. All this can be established through a study prior to construction. All materials used are equipment certified by professional institutions recognized both nationally and internationally.


Required equipment:






Rubber hose


Climbing pulley

Clamp sets

Steel cable


Plastic cutting board or wood

Eye loop

Super glue

Bungee cords


Circular saw

Router table



To start you must decide if the area where it is installed meets safety requirements. The most important points of a zipline are the anchors, which are the points where the cable is attached. It can hold concrete foundation wire, large rocks, trees or any other sturdy point that supports a minimum of 8 tons at break for small zip lining of 50 meters or less.


Another very important point is to calculate the arc that the cable must have for proper operation. If the cable of a zip line we tighten too much the shortened life of the zip line, there is the risk of breaking the cable by the excess voltage and there is no reduction of speed for the braking of the zip line at the end of the route. If the cable of a zip line is too loose, without tension, we will have many people stuck in half and the variation of the weight of a person will affect the total of the route, being seen more affected the heavier, at the beginning of the route of the zip line we will have a very fast speed but in the end will be a strong braking and that will cause them not to reach the end and get caught in the middle of the zip line.


There are many ways that your backyard zip line excels at others, it can be the length of cables, height, speed, platforms, etc. However, the greatest attraction and particularity that each park can have is the natural beauty it offers. For example, view to the valleys, view to the sea, lakes or lagoons, routes above a river, etc.


Part of the project to build your backyard zip line is to provide training courses on the use, maintenance, safety measures and equipment so that your staff is in optimal capacity to provide the service to their customers.




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