The Tour

 Jaco Beach Tours. Chiclet Zipline near Los Suenos

CHICLET zipline in Jaco, Costa Rica, is one of the most popular Jaco Beach Tours, Located in Playa Hermosa, next to Jaco beach and near Los Suenos Marriott. Come with us and fly in our canopy Costa Rica zip line tour in Jaco. 14 cables, one suspended bridge, and a lot of fun in a magnificent rainforest in front of Pacific ocean.

Zip lining canopy from tree to tree at 30 miles per hour in zip lines that sore through the mountains and stretch along the coast, With an amazing landscape created from a perfect combination of the rainforest lush vegetation and the sea breeze, there is simply no other ride like this.

Definitely Chiclet ziplining in Jaco, Costa Rica is one of the things you must do in Jaco beach town. Chiclets Zipline canopy tour is blessed to be located right on the edge where the mountain gently touches the ocean. Hence the contrast generated by being only 1000 feet away from the beach but 800 feet above sea level.

- Price: $60 per person
- Duration: 2 Hours
- Platforms: 16
- Zipline cables: 14
- Longest cable: 300 meters | 984 feet (with ocean view)