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Costa Rica frogs

Known as symbols of the tropical rainforest of the lowlands of Costa Rica, some of them poisonous, they are interpreters of interminable nocturnal recitals. Costa Rica frogs are one of the smallest inhabitants of the forest, there are many variations of colors and sizes, each of them has different habits and aspects of their life. Its absence in our ecosystem could be a warning that nature is sick, for that reason although many are scared when they see them, rather they should be scared the day they do not see them.The evolution of poisonous frogs in Costa Rica rainforest, is adjusted to the efficient search for spaces to develop and reproduce. Its reproduction consists of vocalizations of the male to...

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Los Suenos Marriott, the rising.

The population growth of Garabito has social needs and demands that have exceeded the government's human limits. There is a trend since the late twentieth century where Nicaraguan and Costa Rican citizens, mostly men, migrate to Jaco, Costa Rica to join the labor demand in the area, especially for tourism developments, as is the case of Los Suenos Marriott. However, the percentage of illiteracy is very high compared to the rest of Costa Rica. This may be due to past decades where there was a neglect by the government and marginal development. Likewise, the emigrant population, mostly Nicaraguans, have low or no education levels.   Thanks to tourism development, such as Los Suenos Marriott, the Jaco Tourist College was created,...

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Los Sueños Marriott

The existence of a region that is influenced by Los Suenos Marriott can be considered. This region includes the districts of Jaco and Tarcoles that belong to the canton of Garabito, within which there are several villages that are benefited: Playa Herradura, Jaco Beach, Tarcoles Beach, Quebrada Ganado, Bijagual and San Juan de Mata. All these villages are benefited by the influence of Los sueños Marriott. For example, a large number of families live from the employment that Los Suenos Marriott generates within their facilities, these can be direct or indirect workers. Also in all these areas are the main tourist attractions of the Central Pacific such as food centers, accessory stores, tour operators, rentals, water and outdoor activities, etc....

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Tree climbing

It is said that most tree climbers use Prusik ropes as an aid, in turn, use their feet to lean on them and be able to climb trees more easily and efficiently. Some people have enough strength to climb only using the upper extremities. But through this optional help, we can use our feet as well to do tree climbing. The technique of tree climbing is that as you climb, periodically you pull the Prusik rope, this way you can climb higher and higher.The most common thing is to use the tree as a guide to climb up the branch where the rope is tied. It is very likely that you have to rest during the ascent. When you get...

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Tree climbing basics

Chiclet's tree climbing techniques.Here are bits of advice you should take care before a tree climbing day:You must know the type of weather that exists in the area. Factors like the wind, the rain and the season in which you find yourself, can make the access and the tree climbing becomes very difficult. Remember that some sites have private properties and you would not want to get into troubles with their owners or with any wild animal that is common in the area.It is important to review the environment and landscape in which the tree is located. For example, there must not have electrical cables, any nest or animal living in this space. In addition to the state of health...

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