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Due to its colonial history, the culture of both regions is very similar to that of other Latin American countries. The colonial legacy of the Spaniards extends throughout the country and indigenous peoples have distanced themselves from their pre-Columbian roots.
Today, Colombia vs Costa Rica cultures are a mixture of European and indigenous customs and traditions that are reflected in music, art, literature and the relationship with nature. The African customs incorporated by the slaves that led the conquerors. This mixture of cultures constitutes a society with characteristics common to the rest of Latin American countries but, at the same time, very different also.

Colombia shares with Costa Rica borders in both the Pacific and the Caribbean. In spite of this, both boundaries were delimited separately, being the one of the Caribbean still not ratified by the Congress of Costa Rica due to the problem that has been presenting with the demarcation of the border of both countries with Nicaragua.

The latitude of Bogotá, Colombia is 4.59 and its length is -74.06. The latitude of San José, Costa Rica is 9.94 and its length is -84.1. The distance in kilometers between Colombia and Costa Rica is 1,257 km.

By car, it would take you approximately 15.71 hours to get to San Jose, Costa Rica driving, without stopping, from Bogota, Colombia at a constant speed of 80 kilometers per hour. By plane, it would take you approximately 2.1 hours to get to San Jose, Costa Rica taking the direct flight from Bogota, Colombia.

The geographical layout of Colombia vs Costa Rica, with the hostility of its terrain and the abrupt variety of its climate, has always made trips and communications difficult, which has helped to promote a widespread regionalism. In spite of this regionalism, football is the link that unites the Colombian and ethical society, also divided into economic classes.
Music is an essential part of the culture of Colombia vs Costa Rica, there is a great liking for cumbia, salsa, and vallenato throughout the country. Artists like Shakira have popularized Colombian music all over the world. Gabriel García Márquez is the most prominent figure in Colombian literature and Joaquin Gutierrez in Costa Rica, with Colombia and Costa Rica being the common denominator of all his literary works. Fernando Botero and his unmistakable and globally recognized style of the abstract, are the greatest exponent of the Colombian art scene.

Costa Rica is the biological and cultural bridge between Central America, large tropical forests. Colombia vs Costa Rica are in the heart of the Americas. Costa Rica is a small country that is divided into 7 provinces. Cartago, Limon, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Alajuela, San Jose, and Heredia. It also has the Coconut Island which is world heritage.

The delimitation in the Pacific Ocean of marine and submarine spaces between the two nations was done through the Gutierres-Loreda Treaty, signed in Bogotá on April 6, 1984, between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica and Colombia, Dr. Carlos José Gutiérrez Gutiérrez and Rodrigo Lloreda Caicedo, respectively. This treaty was important for Costa Rica, as it is the first international recognition of the marine and submarine areas that Costa Rica declares to belong to it, based on Isla del Coco.

Gastronomy is another expression of this diversity with certain features common to the whole territory. Maize is one of the key ingredients of Colombia vs Costa Rica cuisine due to indigenous heritage. The arepas, corn flour cakes, are one of the best-known dishes, both inside and outside its borders. Fruits also have a significant presence in the diet of both countries. The variety is so extensive that some are not known outside the country, and even some are consumed only in certain regions.

The Colombian and Costa Rican society is closely linked to religion, specifically to Catholic Christianity. Therefore, some of its most important festivals are religious.

When it comes to doing business, Colombians and Ticos are not strict with punctuality. The meetings are not too long and for them, it is important to be able to trust each other. Appointments must be arranged in advance, but it is advisable to confirm them a few days before.



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