First Zipline in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

In 1999 Costa Rica experienced a boom in tourism, at that time, we were close to reach one million annual tourists. By that time we already had a property with a primary rain forest, mostly of the trees are species to Manialkara Chicle, or better known as Chicle, from this tree originated the raw material for the production of the famous Chiclets Adams.
For that year, we did not know what to do with the property, most of our neighbors were developing urbanistic projects in everything that had ocean view, and us with a beautiful rain forest of 15 hectares located right in front of the sea, we did not imagine that soon we would construct a Zipline Project, The Chiclet Zipline Canopy Tour. For those days, a friend of mine, José Fraque, gave me a copy of the film The Medicine Man (1992), which starred Sean Conery. In the credits of the film they gave thanks to Dr. Donald Perry,  and  his book Live above the Jungle Floor (February 1988), to help them to construct the first ziplining for a film. Also José Flaqué, had built one of the first Ziplining in Costa Rica, based on the same book and inspired by the film. After watching the movie, I understood what to do with the property, call Jose, and a week later, we began preparations for the design and construction of the first Zipline in the Jaco Costa Rica Area. Chiclet Zipline Canopy Tour in Playa Hermosa de Jaco. This is 18 years ago. Seems like yesterday.
We also thank Dr. Donald Perry  for his valuable contribution to industry and humanity

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