Los Suenos Marriott, the rising.

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The population growth of Garabito has social needs and demands that have exceeded the government's human limits. There is a trend since the late twentieth century where Nicaraguan and Costa Rican citizens, mostly men, migrate to Jaco, Costa Rica to join the labor demand in the area, especially for tourism developments, as is the case of Los Suenos Marriott. However, the percentage of illiteracy is very high compared to the rest of Costa Rica. This may be due to past decades where there was a neglect by the government and marginal development. Likewise, the emigrant population, mostly Nicaraguans, have low or no education levels.


Thanks to tourism development, such as Los Suenos Marriott, the Jaco Tourist College was created, where different related specialties are taught and it is a great achievement for the youth in development. Currently, there is a Civic Center, which provides training in different areas and represents an achievement in the human development of Jaco, Costa Rica. Private schools and colleges have also been created, where the children of foreigners and entrepreneurs of the region usually study.


The Ministry of Health and the Costa Rican Social Security Fund serve a region of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. Jaco currently has a clinic and the nearest hospital is in Puntarenas. There are some expectations about the development of a municipal project, to create the new hospital in Jaco, which would represent an important resource for all citizens of the center of the Pacific of Costa Rica. In addition, private medicine projects have been developed, such as clinics that provide services including medical tourism.


How starts the project of the Marina Los Suenos. ?


In 1998, the Costa Rican government approved the Law of Concession and Operation of Tourist Marinas. For this reason, in 1991, it begins to operate through a tourism contract with the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT). The project is developed in the town of Herradura, Jaco, Costa Rica, due to the ideal conditions, as it is a bay that protects from waves and marine currents. In addition, the Residential Los Suenos is created and gradually other buildings and commercial buildings linked to tourism are being created like Los Suenos Marriott.


It is important to take into account that all this development has raised the cost of living for the inhabitants of the area, for example, the rent and the gastronomic offer represent very high services and for some people, it is impossible to use them. Therefore the living standards in some areas such as Jaco beach are high, so the tendency to look for cheap accommodation has led to Jaco being shown as a city instead of the rural town that was in the 80s. Some entrepreneurs have looking for alternatives to lower costs because the competition is very high and sometimes excessive. These alternatives represent an advantage in this regard. Clear examples are water wells and solar panels, which not only help the environment but also represent a better distribution in water service that sometimes cannot cope in the dry season from December to April.


It is believed that the Los Suenos Marriott has an impact of 25% on direct and indirect operations throughout the tourism sector and also perceived as the largest generator of employment in the area. Some businesses that have benefited are condominiums, restaurants, hotels, bars, supermarkets, tour agencies and countless types of employment. Even along the road that leads to Juan Santamaría Airport, important population centers have been developed.


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Fishing Charters from Los Sueños 

As one of the best marinas in Costa Rica, you can choose between several fishing trips. You have the choice between small 20-foot boats, luxury boats loaded up to 40 feet and more. The question is how to choose the right boat and the captain? Obviously, if you are an experienced fisherman on the high seas, you will have knowledge about the types of boats, etc., but if you have no experience in Costa Rica, your success on the high seas can be crap. To increase your chances and get the best experience while fishing in Costa Rica, be sure to do your research.



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