Los Sueños Marriott

Los Suenos Marriott

The existence of a region that is influenced by Los Suenos Marriott can be considered. This region includes the districts of Jaco and Tarcoles that belong to the canton of Garabito, within which there are several villages that are benefited: Playa Herradura, Jaco Beach, Tarcoles Beach, Quebrada Ganado, Bijagual and San Juan de Mata. All these villages are benefited by the influence of Los sueños Marriott. For example, a large number of families live from the employment that Los Suenos Marriott generates within their facilities, these can be direct or indirect workers. Also in all these areas are the main tourist attractions of the Central Pacific such as food centers, accessory stores, tour operators, rentals, water and outdoor activities, etc.

The canton of Garabito where Los Suenos Marriott is located has a unique history. His name comes from the Cacique Cogoche Garabito, who was the last cacique of the Huetares. The story tells that the first settlers of the colony settled in Esparza in 1574 and from there the Spaniards were venturing into other areas. It was then that Cacique Garabito tries to protect his people and fights for survival, for which he is persecuted. Currently, King Cogoche Garabito is considered an Indigenous Hero, the date and circumstances of his death are unknown.

The conquest of Costa Rica by the Spaniards was slow and late and was carried out in different stages, mainly due to the difficulty of the topography, the torrential climate and the fierce resistance of the aborigines.

Currently, these areas are developed mainly from tourism. However, some of these towns preserve some characteristics of traditional agricultural production, with extensive pastures and small crops. The main productions are corn, vegetables and rice. There is also meat agricultural production but has been declining in recent years. Garabito and Tarcoles have a transition zone between the dry and humid forests of the Pacific region of Costa Rica. In this region, two life zones are distinguished: the Humid Tropical Forest and the Very Humid Forest (wetlands, mangroves, estuaries).

If you want to know the humid tropical forest, there are many areas around the Los Sueños Marriott. Chiclet Zipline offers you a fun zip lining tour in an exuberant humid forest with gum trees and other species unique to the area. It is presented as an inclined plane that goes from 800 m above sea level with scenic beauties of the Central Pacific to almost the level of the sea.

In 1998, the Law of Concession and Operation of Tourist Marinas was approved in Costa Rica, which constitutes the first integral legal framework that governs the installation of marinas and berths in the country, from its territorial planning, the design of the projects, the constructive processes and its operation. This Law covers the operation of the Interinstitutional Commission of Marinas and Berths, with headquarters in the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, and that constitutes the political and technical organ that authorizes and supervises the installation of marinas and berths. This is how Marina Los Sueños has developed for.

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Costa Rica Fishing from Los Suenos

The fish bill of the Marina Los Suenos in Costa Rica is world class. The blue, black and striped marlin is the main base of the rental boats at marina, Los Suenos Fishing is the best in Costa Rica here you can cache  plenty of wahoo, yellow fins and bluefin tuna, dorado (mahi-mahi) sailing in these calm waters. Wahoo charters, roosters, snappers and coastal groupers still succeed in this area around reefs, rocks and islands.




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