Tree climbing gear

tree climbing gear

If you want to climb trees like a sport or a job, you will need the right equipment to keep you safe.

We explain below what you will need:

Strings are a must in tree climbing gear:

Release rope: This is a thin rope and a bright color that literally is thrown on the branch. It is attached to a weight, which could be a fishing lead or a small object that is heavy enough to be thrown.

Static rope: This type of rope does not have as much elasticity as the "dynamic" rope used in rock climbing.

Prusik Rope: this helps you to ascend. It is attached to the rope to climb and the harness by means of a carabiner. As another alternative, you can use a foot lift.



A light tree climbing gear will help you a lot. The helmet is a security element for those who are down of the trees also the someone who is climbing.



Eyewear protects our eyes from branches, insects or dust. Avoid wearing crystals glasses, because they can be dangerous in the event of a blow.



They are not necessary tree climbing gear stuff, but to not to cut hands, although the touch is lost and this contributes more cons than pros.

However, the use of gloves is recommended. We deal with ropes, friction, barks, resins, stumps, thorns, etc ... You can also avoid some superficial cuts that may bother your performance.



There are different types and sizes of machetes, we recommend the 18-inch with its respective blanket to prune or open path. The machete is an effective tool but must be handled with great care to avoid accidents.



This is one of the most important in tree climbing gear. You need a harness specifically designed to climb trees. A rock climbing harness would cut off the circulation in your legs.

There is a great variety of harnesses in the market depending on the use that will be given to it. They should have good padding on the back and legs. This provides comfort and safety.

The bridge of the harness is mobile. The mobility of the bridge gives freedom of movement. In vertical works the fixed central bridge is used, this does not allow to put aside of side in comfort.


Side Anchors:

They are mainly used to connect the sling. Some models incorporate additional anchors.


Carabiners or Connectors

In tree climbing gear, different types of carabiners are used, but we will see the ones we use to connect to all the ropes and elements on which our safety depends. Because is another important tool when climbing a tree. The carabiners will usually be already in other parts of the equipment used, but it is always good to have more loose ones in case it is necessary to use them. In them, we can pass ropes like the anchoring sling or use them to carry hanging the cutting tools that we will use. They will be very important in case of an accident of the operator to be lowered. By having the ropes previously passed by the carabiners and pulleys, you will be able to descend without having to climb through it.

In the market, we can find a variety of carabiners in terms of size, shape, color, and utility.



The sling is a key and essential element. It is a variable measuring cord with a connection point at each end and allows the length to be adjusted using locking systems (mechanical or knot). The free end of the sling should have a knot or element that will not allow the blocker to come out of the rope.



The other part of the tree climbing gear. The pulleys are some pieces through which we pass the rope and it will slide through it allowing the movement of said rope.

It will allow us to make the climb in a safer and easier way. With them, we will be able to move tools from the ground up to the height in which we find ourselves without more effort than pulling the rope. A good pulley system according to the purpose we are looking for is, without doubt, a knowledge that must be had.


To avoid occupational hazards, the tree climbing gear must fit each zone to our body. It must be monitored how it is stored so that it does not suffer damages and to check its state from time to time to see if it is necessary to replace it with a new one.


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