Tree climbing

tree climbing

It is said that most tree climbers use Prusik ropes as an aid, in turn, use their feet to lean on them and be able to climb trees more easily and efficiently. Some people have enough strength to climb only using the upper extremities. But through this optional help, we can use our feet as well to do tree climbing. The technique of tree climbing is that as you climb, periodically you pull the Prusik rope, this way you can climb higher and higher.

The most common thing is to use the tree as a guide to climb up the branch where the rope is tied. It is very likely that you have to rest during the ascent. When you get tired, simply rest your feet on the trunk and continue when you're ready.

Once you have reached the highest peak of your rope, you can keep going up or down again.

In case you decide to continue tree climbing you must use all the security rules, for example, you must make sure that you are safe over the branch where you are.

The most advisable is to place the new settings following the recommendations that we have placed on our previous blog. If you are a beginner in the tree climbing, we recommend you to always be accompanied by an experienced climber and use all the safety equipment.

When you decide to go down, all you have to do is hold the main knot (Blake's knot) and pull gently down. This type of knot prevents you from falling in case you get loose and slip. We recommend you do it slowly to avoid accidents.

Once you have more experience, you can try tree climbing with just one rope. It is not difficult to decipher by the name: instead of holding both sides of a rope, you climb only one, holding the other to a branch or the base of the tree. You will need mechanical devices for ascent and descent to climb the rope.

The best advice we can give you is to take a course for a professional tree climbing. There are many types of hazards and situations that you may encounter when you climb trees. The best way to reduce the dangers is to know the area and be accompanied by another person who is also able to use the climbing equipment.

Remember that where there is a tree, there are probably many more species within an ecosystem. Try not to touch anything or disturb the environment. Always carry water and wash your hands before eating (there may be poisonous plants). It is also good to check the other branches as there may be a nest or a honeycomb and you do not want to be attacked.

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