Zipline in Costa Rica


The story of this activity is very recent, born in Costa Rica in the mid-80's with The Drowsy Book publication of the Live Above the Jungle Floor.
This book virtually becomes a manual for building a Zipline project. It describes the first Zipline in Costa Rica, built at La Selva Biological Station in Sarapiquí in the province of Heredia. Since then, Zipline in Costa Rica has become the # 1 tourist activity of the whole range of sports and adventure activities that it offers.
Being an activity that had its origin in Costa Rica, Zip line is an export product as well. There is nowhere on planet earth with so many Zipline or Canopy Tours. In Costa Rica there is a Zipline every 270 km2 or better every 16 km of distance, being that in tourist places like MonteverdeJaco, Manuel Antonio, Arenal etc., are more concentrated.
If we take into account that each project works on average 12 people, each of them gives us a total of 2400 direct jobs and 10000 indirect, some of them as taxi drivers, transporters, receptionists, tour salesmen, among others much more.

The Zipline in Costa Rica, achieves a kind of economic democratization, this happens, benefiting all the actors who participate directly and indirectly in this activity. Of course, the economic benefits for all are based on excellence and quality of customer service.

Pura Vida Zipline

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