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Colombia vs Costa Rica

Due to its colonial history, the culture of both regions is very similar to that of other Latin American countries. The colonial legacy of the Spaniards extends throughout the country and indigenous peoples have distanced themselves from their pre-Columbian roots.Today, Colombia vs Costa Rica cultures are a mixture of European and indigenous customs and traditions that are reflected in music, art, literature and the relationship with nature. The African customs incorporated by the slaves that led the conquerors. This mixture of cultures constitutes a society with characteristics common to the rest of Latin American countries but, at the same time, very different also.Colombia shares with Costa Rica borders in both the Pacific and the Caribbean. In spite of this, both...

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica is characterized by its civil tradition and democracy. It is not exaggerated to describe it as an oasis of peace since the Costa Rican is kind, hospitable and proud of his freedom.Four cultures can be distinguished according to the Costa Rican way of being: that of the Central Valley, typical of peasant farmers; the one of the pampa Guanacaste and the afrocaribeña of the province of Limón.Its origin is a mixture, where there is a contribution of the indigenous race (although in smaller proportion than in other Central American countries); one of the Spanish colonizers and the afrocaribeño contribution, from the previous century.Costa Rica, one of the oldest democracies in America, is a free and independent republic. Its...

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Costa Rica Map

Costa Rica is a small country but a great destination for the visitor. It has a Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM) that includes Heredia, Alajuela, Cartago and San José. In addition, a coastal area that includes Limon, Guanacaste, and Puntarenas. Costa Rica map is located in Central America with an area of 51,100 square kilometers and a population of 5,000,000 inhabitants. It has a diversity of flora and fauna characteristic of the tropical zone that responds to the location of the country according to the geographical coordinates that is between 8 ° 02 '26 "and 11 ° 13' 12" north of Ecuador and 82 33 '48 "west of Greenwich.Costa Rica because of its geographical position is a biological and cultural bridge...

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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The Manuel Antonio National Park has an enormous biodiversity of flora and fauna, along with its white sand beaches hidden among steep hills full of dense vegetation make this sanctuary the main attraction of the area. In addition, the region offers a wide range of tourist attractions where you can choose from land excursions to butterfly and reptile, botanical gardens, bird watching, snakes, horseback riding and hiking or biking through the various natural areas close to the park. On the zip lining of the trees, you can choose Chiclets Zipline Tour that is the best zip line in the Central Pacific. The cables will take you from one tree to another passing over rivers and canyons covered by the green...

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Zipline in Costa Rica

  The story of this activity is very recent, born in Costa Rica in the mid-80's with The Drowsy Book publication of the Live Above the Jungle Floor. This book virtually becomes a manual for building a Zipline project. It describes the first Zipline in Costa Rica, built at La Selva Biological Station in Sarapiquí in the province of Heredia. Since then, Zipline in Costa Rica has become the # 1 tourist activity of the whole range of sports and adventure activities that it offers. Being an activity that had its origin in Costa Rica, Zip line is an export product as well. There is nowhere on planet earth with so many Zipline or Canopy Tours. In Costa Rica there is a Zipline every 270 km2 or better every 16 km of...

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