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Tree climbing basics

Chiclet's tree climbing techniques.Here are bits of advice you should take care before a tree climbing day:You must know the type of weather that exists in the area. Factors like the wind, the rain and the season in which you find yourself, can make the access and the tree climbing becomes very difficult. Remember that some sites have private properties and you would not want to get into troubles with their owners or with any wild animal that is common in the area.It is important to review the environment and landscape in which the tree is located. For example, there must not have electrical cables, any nest or animal living in this space. In addition to the state of health...

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Tree climbing gear

If you want to climb trees like a sport or a job, you will need the right equipment to keep you safe. We explain below what you will need: Strings are a must in tree climbing gear: Release rope: This is a thin rope and a bright color that literally is thrown on the branch. It is attached to a weight, which could be a fishing lead or a small object that is heavy enough to be thrown. Static rope: This type of rope does not have as much elasticity as the "dynamic" rope used in rock climbing. Prusik Rope: this helps you to ascend. It is attached to the rope to climb and the harness by means of a...

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Costa Rica flag

The flag of Spain was the first flag that the Ticos had, which was in force until 1821 when the Central American nations obtain the independence of the Spaniards. The second Costa Rica flag was three stripes, two celestial up and down respectively and in the center one yellow that supposedly represented the symbol of a "Golden America".After the accession of Costa Rica to the Central American Confederation from March 4, 1824, the United Provinces of Central America flag was adopted, which was composed of two celestial bands up and down and another strip of white in the center, in the middle of it was the shield of the confederation.The following Costa Rica flag was the State of Costa Rica...

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Chiclet Trees

Chewing gum as we know it today is made with synthetic rubber from the synthetic Polymer [1]. However, in its beginnings, the Mayas produced it by using latex from the Zapote Trees, popularly known as the Chiclets Trees. We can find Chiclet Trees from the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico to the South of Costa Rica. The Chiclets tree was called by the Mayas as a sicté and it was until the 19th century that faith was known and popularized by the rest of the world. Prior to the discovery of synthetic rubber, latex extraction from the Zapote Trees was the main reason for the Mayan settlement of the Yucatan peninsula and also the main economic activity of the region. The...

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Backyard zip line

The way to promote ecotourism and nature itself is in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Costa Rica. We are Chiclet Zipline and we promote a series of adventure activities like Zip lining in an environment full of nature and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. All this has been the perfect combination to attract tourists both young and old. This is definitely recommended this to anyone looking for a thrilling treetop adventure.   Our guides are able to point out features, wildlife, trees & vegetation & keep your party properly engaged in the 14 zip line cascade down the mountainside.   Costa Rica Zip line is one of the extreme and adventure activities best known in the country for youngsters, adults, and...

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