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First Zipline in Jaco Beach Costa Rica

In 1999 Costa Rica experienced a boom in tourism, at that time, we were close to reach one million annual tourists. By that time we already had a property with a primary rain forest, mostly of the trees are species to Manialkara Chicle, or better known as Chicle, from this tree originated the raw material for the production of the famous Chiclets Adams. For that year, we did not know what to do with the property, most of our neighbors were developing urbanistic projects in everything that had ocean view, and us with a beautiful rain forest of 15 hectares located right in front of the sea, we did not imagine that soon we would construct a Zipline Project, The...

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Ziplining Costa Rica

Zip line courses can consist of one or many cables that are suspended between trees or man-made structures. Participants (often referred to as “zippers”) are suspended from a pulley that moves across the cable, propelled by gravity. The cables are mounted descending from a higher to lower point. The amount of incline as well as the weight of the zipper determines the speed at which the participant travels from point to point. Zip line courses can be designed purely for speed (adrenaline rush), while others are designed to allow zippers to enjoy the natural surroundings such as forest, jungle or waterfalls (often referred to as canopy tours). Others employ elements of both.     https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Ziplining

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This is the best zip line

This is the best zip line with amazing vistas of beautiful Hermosa beach. The staff is wonderful and efficient in... Posted by Mike Gilbert on miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

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Top 3 things to do in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica.

Surfing Surfing has to be on this list as it’s the top thing to do in Playa Jaco. It’s said to be one of the best beaches for beginners since it’s long with consistent waves. If you’re determined to ride out a wave, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Exploring Waterfalls Outside of Jaco lies beautiful rolling hills, home to lush jungles and charming waterfalls. As these hills have yet to be developed and are inhabited by few people, it is the best place to explore the many waterfalls ensconced in the rain forest. There are waterfall tours that take you to a private estate high up in the hills that has several waterfalls that you can climb up, jump...

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